Welcome to The Mathers Clinic

At The Mather's Clinic, our aim is to offer the most compassionate and individualized care for the individuals and families we serve. Our primary aim is to ensure the optimal emotional well being of our patients by providing exceptional care from skilled professionals.
All of our outpatient services are conducted in a respectful and confidential environment for the complete consideration of our patients.

At The Mathers Clinic we pride ourselves on providing excellent mental health facilities and counselling services to the areas of Crystal Lake, IL Rockford IL and the surrounding Illinois areas. As one of the largest depression and anxiety treatment centers in Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, we are able to provide extensive services, high support staff, and responsive care.

The Mathers Clinic is comprised of highly qualified psychologists and psychiatrists and together we can provide help through child behavior therapy, marriage counseling and family counseling services.

Behavioral Health Services

As a well reputed behavioral health clinic, we provide a wide range of mental health based services. These include self esteem counseling, stress and anger management, grief and bereavement and other specialized therapeutic treatments.

Contact The Mathers Clinic

Contact us to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist or for more information about our services by calling (815) 444.9999. You may also email us at info@themathersclinic.com. We look forward to helping you meet with a psychologist at a time that works well for you.

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